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Here at Deck Builders Little Rock AR we do repairs, building, railings, staining, and painting. We do it all.

Do you have a Pinterest board full of deck inspiration? We can take that inspiration and turn it into a beautiful deck design. From there we do a wonderful job of making the design a reality.

About Deck Builders Little Rock AR

We have a great way of looking at your outdoor space and envisioning a deck that can spruce up your space. We can then take your vision, our vision, and turn it into a design with real measurements and then into a real-life deck.

We are respectful of your style opinions and the budget you have set. We know that every person has a different budget in mind and a different way to reach that budget. We have many options and can stretch in some areas to make it work for you.

We want every customer to experience the service and have satisfaction from a deck that meets their needs. Have you ever walked into a perfectly clean, refreshing kitchen? That is the feeling we give you when we give you a clean deck with outdoor living space.

Our goal is for our team to provide you with the needs and wants that you have for a deck or a porch in our area. We make it a goal for each job that we do to understand the needs of our customers by listening and asking questions.

We have a team that is licensed, insured, and bonded to keep the safety and security within our company. We provide our license numbers to you if you want to get them. We are transparent in our communication with our customers.

Why Choose Us?

Are you looking for deck builders and wondering how to find “deck builders in my area”? You can ask neighbors, family, friends, or call our number here.

We are the best for the “local deck builders” you can find.

What do we do that other deck companies don't?

  • We help you do fewer repairs by using the best materials
  • We help you understand the cost before beginning your project
  • We keep your back or front yard clean while we are doing construction

Many people spend so much time searching for "deck companies near me". This does not need to be you. We will cover all your bases and be your one-stop-shop. Do you have a pool and need deck installers Little Rock?

We can be your pool deck builders. We can build pool decks that are large or small and they can incorporate other features such as railings, stairs, and many more.

Let us be your Little Rock deck builders. For many years your local neighbors have searched “deck installers near me” and we have been their answer. We can even be your “porch builders near me” you have looked for to build you a porch that is safe and beautiful.

What To Expect

We help you to choose a deck that will stand out as an above-and-beyond feature to your home. We like to create an extra bonus for our customers by giving them a deck that will give them a return on their investment in the future.

We help you find the design and the material that will work best for your style and how you want it to function. There are pros and cons to every type of material. We answer your questions and help you feel confident in your choice of decking.

little rock deck installers

When doing a deck repair we go over the cost with you so you can know if it is best to repair or replace your deck. If the cost of your repair is more than one-third of the cost of replacing your deck it may be a better option to replace it.

We take all the measurements that we need for you. You do not need to worry about getting the wrong measurements as we do all the measuring ourselves. We make sure everything is done in a precise way so your deck gets done correctly.

We get the design and bid approved from you before we begin any construction. Once we begin our construction we do our best to keep the area safe and clean even while we are off the job.

Our Services

We are here to be your deck painters. We do deck staining as well as painting. We have many options for services to get you the deck that you want. Deck repair Little Rock may be what you need. If so, we are the “deck construction near me” that you have been looking for that will do your repairs.

little rock deck staining little rock deck painting

Deck Staining Little Rock And Painting

Do you have a deck with many different colors in mind? We are one of the “deck staining companies near me” that you have looked at. There are colors that do not come in composite decking Little Rock AR that we can do with paint and stain. We do all the work to get your deck prepared to stain or to paint. We then can do whatever color you like. Staining or painting your deck is also a great way to remodel an existing deck. It keeps you from having to spend the money to tear down the whole thing to build a new one.

little rock deck contractor deck railings

Deck Railings

We can make deck railings of all different heights to meet your needs. We make sure that every railing passes inspection. Our goal for the railing is for it to be safe for our customers and their friends and family. We can do railing out of many different materials such as aluminum, rod, vinyl, cable, and many more.

little rock wood decks

Wood Decks

A nice wood deck can last you for many years as long as you keep up on its maintenance. The look of real wood is a look that many others feel like they cannot replace. It is elegant and beautiful. There are many color variations that you can get by using wood materials.

little rock deck repair

Deck Repair

Are you starting to have small cracks in your deck? This is a sure sign of a repair that needs to get taken care of. The longer you put off your repairs the longer your wood is exposed to the weather and has a change of rotting and cracking more.

It will be much more expensive to replace your entire deck than it will be to take care of the repairs when they are needed.

little rock decking

Composite Decking Little Rock

There are many aspects of a deck that you do not have to worry about with composite decking. You do not have to worry about rotting, mildew, and mold.

You do not have to worry about termites infesting. It has the best performance for its long-lasting abilities. It comes in many different styles and colors which makes it easy to meet your needs.

little rock deck building

Custom Built Decks

There are many different amazing features we can add to your deck to make it custom. A custom deck is not only a design created specifically for you. It is also a design that has all the added features that you want on your deck. We can add benches, seating, lights, and many other awesome features. We can build you a deck that wraps around your front porch or any other type of deck.

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About Little Rock AR

Little Rock is full of trees that are bright and color-changing. We get all four seasons here which bring great variety. You can never get too comfortable with one season before we are on to the next.

Our population is near 197,500. Our population is made up of 52% Whites, 49% Black or African Americans. We have a very small percentage of other ethnicities.

Many non-profit organizations that are the largest in the world have their headquarters here in Little Rock. We have a large medical industry here with our healthcare being one of our largest employers in the area.

Little Rock has many neighborhoods and cities that are great to visit with some of them being:

  • North Little Rock, AR
  • Bryant, AR
  • Maumelle, AR
  • Mabelvale, AR
  • Alexander, AR
  • Roland, AR
  • Wrightsville, Ar
  • Sweet Home, AR
  • College Station, AR
  • Many other surrounding areas

Frequently Asked Questions

Does staining my deck still protect the wood?

Yes. If you are unsure if the stain is protecting your wood there is one sure way to tell. If the wood is repelling water then you can rest assured that the stain is protecting the wood. If not, you will want to make sure to stain it again or have one of our contractors come to stain it again.

What material is best for decks Little Rock AR?

Deck Builders Little Rock AR help you decide what material will be best for your deck. There is no one material fits all when it comes to your deck. Some people may love the wood and no mind what it will take to keep up on it. Some people want to get it installed and never have to worry about it again. These are the people that will love composite decking.

What material will last the longest on my deck?

Any type of material you choose can last a long time. The question we ask our customers is how much maintenance do you want to do on your deck? If you keep up on the maintenance for a wood deck it can look very nice and last many years. If you don't want to keep up on this maintenance and still have it last many years then a composite deck will be perfect for you. They last a very long time.

Is there a type of wood that is recommended for a deck?

Pine and white wood are two types of wood that our Little Rock deck builders recommend to our customers. This is because they are resistant to rot. They also take paint and stain very well if you are wanting a certain color. Other wood can also work just fine for your deck. Let our deck contractors Little Rock know what you are thinking and they will let you know if it is a good option for your deck.

Customer Testimonials

"It was refreshing to know how long these guys have been doing decks. They have fair pricing, a great reputation and they live up to it. They built us everything we wanted."

Olivia M.

"We were very happy with the fact that our deck contractors cleaned up so well after they finished our deck. We could immediately enjoy it! Come use these “deck contractors near me."

Milo T.

"The work and service we got from these “deck builders near me” was high quality. We will recommend them to everyone as they were really kind, clean, and professional to work with."

Julia K.

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We are friendly, reliable, and experienced. We have done this work for so many years.

If you want a full-on custom deck with all the added features you can get, we have you covered. If you want a nice basic deck to extend your living space we also have you covered.

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